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Hinduism In Australia: Growth for Sanatana Dharma

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Few day back I read in one of the leading news paper that Hinduism is fastest growing religion in Australia. Although I follow Hinduism and I am proud of my religion, i though to give a closer look why Hinduism is speeding up in Australia. It is clear form the history of Hinduism that is is one of the peaceful religion of the world and the beliefs of Hinduism bind human with nature. Australia is one of the least populated country as well as continent in the world with total population of 24 Million people. It is 52nd most populous country on Earth and population density is merely 3.2 person/km. Why I was amazed with the news was because most of the population of Australia is urbanized and people from cities don’t believe in religion so often yet there has been increasing trend in number of Hindus living in Australia.

Hindus in Australia are very less in Number and they are hardly 2% of entire Australian population. The origin of Hinduism in Australia dates back to 19th Century when British brought Indian from India to work in the Australian fields.  The labors were supposed to work on cotton and sugar fields but as Australia gained independence the so called labor Hindus become the part of main Australian population. As the time passed they continued to live in Australia and preserve their culture and traditions. One thing to be noted here is that not all Hindus in Australia are from Indian origin. Many Hindus living in Australia are from Sri Lanka, Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, and Bangladesh. As per the census of 2011 it was noticed that Hinduism is one of the fastest growing religion in Australia with an increase in nearly 50% of Hindu population living in Australia. Another important thing to note in this trend is that Hinduism in Australia is most youthful religion with most of the Hindus under the age of 14 and 34 years. Majority of Hindus that lives in Australia resides in the eastern coast of Australia in the cities like Melbourne and Sydney. The best thing about a Hindu community is that they live with peace and Harmony with the local Australian population. By doing this it reduces the chances of any conflicts and thus both the community can leave happily. The local Hindu community has constructed temples and they celebrate most of the Hindu festivals with great pomp and show. I even read in many news papers that Australians living nearby to Hindu community area take great interest in knowing the Hindu culture and they too participate in their festival.

Graph depicting growth of Hindu Population in Australia.

Now the Hindus living in Australia are not the same labors that British left 100 years ago. Now they are well educated and have degrees in research and development field. Many professionals like Doctor, Engineer, Charted Accountants are Hindus. Presence of Hindus can be felt in Information Technology, Consulting and Cinema industry.  They are now the Australian citizens and they participate in the development of Australia as an nation which is very great. One point here to note is why Hinduism is growing rapidly in Australia? is there some mass conversions are going are? or people are willingly accepting Hinduism as their religion. large number of Hindus are already present in USA, Britain and Ukraine but Hindus in Australia was something new for me so I through to have a deep analysis before jumping to any conclusion.

Today Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and they rate by which it is growing it will overtake Christianity by 2050. But one point here to note is that although Islam is newest religion in the world it is second most followed religion right now. In its initial days most of the people following Islam were forced to follow it. The Jewish population living in Arabian peninsula was forced to follow Islam and so it the other part of the world. Today also lost of extremism is associated with Islam and most of the terror activity carried out are by Islamic extremists.   It was noticed that many people living in Australia decided not to disclose their religion and there are speculation may be they were following Islam. Anyways after all the round of counting was complete it was found that despite popular perception, Islam is not the fastest growing religion in Australia and the figures show that Hinduism is the fastest growing religion here. The data also coincided with the number of Australian born in India. Lets take a look at some of the reasons why there is a shift among Australian Nationals flowing Hinduism.

  • Hinduism is one of the Oldest religion of the world and no one knows exactly when it was founded. It gives chances to explore the new possibility of the religion.
  • Hinduism is known form its tolerance and peace message that it has given to world. Famous leaders like Swami Vivekananda also popularized Hinduism in west.
  • At a time when whole of the world is witnessing attacks caused by Islamic extremists and corruption in pacey, Hinduism has kept itself clean as there is no central authority.
  • The texts books of Hinduism are some of the oldest books written in the History of Mankind and Sanskrit is one of the oldest language in which these texts were compiled.
  • Large number of Hindus are living in various part of world without any violence and that gives a strong indication that the Hindu population will contribute in the growth of country.

There are many more facts about Hinduism that favors the growth of Hindu religion across the world. In a time when religion is one of the debated topics in the world and major population is non-believer of god, the growth of Hinduism in Australia is a positive sign for all those who believes in Hinduism.